MATH 113- Mathematics for City Planners

Semester: 2018-2019 Fall

Instructor:  Erkan Murat TÜRKAN

Office: R-216 Main Campus

Office Hours: TBA


Textbook : Adams, Robert A., Calculus: A Complete Course, 8th Edition, Prentice-Hall, 2013.

Reference Books : Edwards, C. H., Penney, D. E., Calculus, Early Trancendentals, 7th Edition, Pearson, 2007.

Course Description: 

Intervals, Inequalities, Absolute Value, Lines, Parabolas, Functions: Domain and Range, Piecewise Defined Functions, Increasing and Decreasing Functions, Even and Odd Functions, Logarithmic Functions, Exponential Functions, Limits: Limit Laws, one-Sided Limit, Limits at Infinity, Continuity, Derivative: Differentiation Rules, The Chain Rule, Implicit Differentiation, Optimization Problems, Matrices: Matrix Multiplication, Matrix Operations.

Evaluation Criteria: 

Midterm I (% 30),  Midterm II (% 30), Final(% 40), 

Attendence: %5 (Bonus) 


Midterm I: 30.10.2018 Tuesday at 17.00

Midterm II: 04.12.2018 Tuesday  at 17.00

Final Exam: 03.01.2019 Thursday at 15:00

Make-Up Exam: 

Resit Exam: 

Make-Up Exam and Resit Exam will cover the content of whole semester! These exams will be given after the final exam period ends.

Rules: Attendence will be taken in each class. 

Students are responsible for studying regularly on problems in the textbook.

- Information about exams : Çankaya University Regulations for Exams (in Turkish)