Week 1: Intervals, Inequalities, Absolute Value.

Week 2: Lines, Parabolas.

Week 3: Functions: Domain and Range, Piecewise Defined Functions, increasing and Decreasing Functions, Even and Odd Functions.

Week 4: Functions: Exponential Functions.

Week 5: Functions: Logarithmic Functions.

Week 6: Limit: Limit Laws, One-sided Limit.

Week 7: Limit: Limits at Infinity.

Week 8: Continuity.

Week 9: Derivative: Differentiation Rules.

Week 10: Derivative: The Chain Rule

Week 11: Derivative: Implicit Differentiation.

Week 12: Derivative: Optimization Problems.

Week 13: Matrices: Matrix Operations, Matrix Multiplication.

Week 14: Matrices: Properties of Matrix Operations.